We are providing the most comprehensive range of Laboratory Instruments which are catering widely to various industries. These instruments are designed using high quality components, accessories and high end technology. We have aligned our product range in tune with the prevalent industrial norms. Some of our reputed products are:


Advanced Semi Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer - We are offering the best range of Advanced Semi Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer which we have manufactured under the strict supervision of skilled professionals. Some of the special features are:

  • Easy operation by Mouse & QWERTY key board

  • Storage of 6000 patient results

  • 130 test program memory

  • Special program for printing patient report on external printer

  • Triple Cuvette facility

  • On screen display of aspiration status

  • Non-linear calibration curve editing facility

  • Power save mode for lamp

  • On line Reaction Curve monitoring facility

  • Windows based operation

  •  Special program to interface with computer

Technical Specifications

Analysis mode

Absorbance, Kinetic, Fixed time, End point, Bichromatic, Endpoint with sample blank, with standard or K factor.

Light source

6V / 10 W Halogen Lamp

Filter type

Interference Filter.


7-Filters-340, 405, 500, 546, 578, 620, 670 nm with an accuracy of+2nm band width and 10nm band width. One free position for optional filter

Linear measurement range

0 to 3A

Photometer accuracy

0.006A, from 0.0 to 1.5A


0.003 / hr.



Optional measurement

Silicon photodiode.

Flow cell / cuvettes

Supports Flow cell as well as cuvettes.

Flow cell volume


Aspiration volume


Aspiration mode

Automatic by Peristaltic Pump

Cuvette volume

500 uL

Temperature control

Peltier Element


25, 30, 37 degree Celsius


7" LCD (640 x 240 pixels, 256 colors)

Euger-4000 - This instrument is fabricated under the strict supervision of skilled professionals and is manufactured in compliance with the set quality standards using the premium quality components and materials. The instrument is appreciated for its high performance, compact design, long functional life and operational ease. Some of the special features are:-

  • 40 open test programs

  • Cuvette volume only 500ã

  • Easy to program

  • Facility of performing differential, ratio ptt &
    multi standard chemistry

  • Built in thermal printer

  • Qc program

  • Built in rs 232 serial port

  • Compact lightweight design

  • Unique SMPS power supply

  •  Lamp auto switch off


Technical Specifications

  • Measurement : 0.000 to 3.00 Absorbance Units (A)

  • Photometric : + 2% or 0.007 A/hr whichever is higher

  • Programs memory : 40 open Programs memory

  • Filter:

    • Type of filter : Interference

    • Wave Length : 340, 405, 510, 545, 578 & 630 nm

    • Halt Bandwidth : +10nm

    • Filter Selection : Automatic by DC motor

Micro Plate Reader - Our company believes in a quality oriented approach and hence has been able to carve a niche for itself by manufacturing the most advanced range of micro-plate reader. This reader finds wide usage in research, drug discovery, quality control and manufacturing process in the pharmaceutical industry and academic organizations. This product is appreciated for its attributes like low power consumption, optimum and accurate performance, compact and sophisticated designs and cost efficiency. Our range of Micro Plate Reader comes with some technical specifications like:-

  • Spectrum Range: 400~750mm

  • Standard Wavelengths: 405nm, 450nm, 492nm, 630nm

  • Optional Wavelengths: 415nm, 546nm, 578nm, 690nm

  • Adding sample: By a timing linkage

  • Micro-plate: 96-well plate with flat bottom (recommended)

  • Measurement range: 8-channel optical fiber system

  • Light: 8V/50W lamp

  • Read Range: 0.000~4.000A

  • Linearity: +1.0%

  • Resolution: 0.001Abs

  • Accuracy: +1.0 or 0.01(A)


Automated Bio Chemistry Analyzer - We are offering the most advanced assortment of Automated Bio Chemistry Analyzer which is an important instrument used in medical laboratory The instrument is fabricated to measure different chemicals and other characteristics in a diverse range of biological samples quickly without involving any manual labor. It is manufactured using the best quality components and modern technology keeping in mind the set industry standards. Our range of instruments is highly appreciated for its sturdy construction, corrosion resistance, smooth surface finish, efficiency and low maintenance. The Automated Bio Chemistry Analyzer is widely demanded in medical industry and comes with the specifications like:-

  • Type: Fully automated, Random, Access Biochemistry Analyzer

  • Throughout: 200 tests/hour, up to 280 tests/hour with ISE(optional)

  • Test Range: Clinical Biochemistry, Turbidimetry, ISE, Protein, Drug abuse Sample

  • Tray: 44 sample positions

  • Sample Volume: 3, 30, programmed by 0.1, step - Sample Handling: Dilute and retest automatically when sample's concentration beyong limitation

  • Probe cleaning: Automatic washing for both inside and outside, carry over <0.1%

  • Optional item: Bar code reader

  • Reagent tray: 44 positions for Single & Dual reagents, reagent positions can be aligned freely

  • Refrigeration: Refrigerated reagent compartment, 24 hours non-stop cooling with Peltier element maintaining temperature 4~15 oC

  • Probe cleaning: Automatic washing for both inside and outside, carry over 0.1%

  • Reaction tray: 48 reaction cuvettes with 6mm optical path, good UV penetrability, low consumable, low cost

  • Reaction technology: Back-Dividing-Light Technology

  • Mixing system: Independent mixer Cleaning: Automatic cuvettes cleaning and complete drainage to reduce carry over

  • Water consumption: 5L/hour

  • Liquid detection: Detergent, distilled water, waste liquid automatic detection and alarm

  • Light source: Halogen lamp 6V/10W, life span > 3000hours

  • Wavelength: 340nm, 405nm, 450nm, 492nm, 505nm, 546nm, 578nm, 620nm, 670nm, 700nm

  • Detector: Photoelectron Diode Array

  • Absorbance range: 0.000Abs~3.000Abs


Automated Urine Analyzer - Our company is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of Automated Urine Analyzer. The analyzer can be availed in various technical specifications as per the demands of our clients. The urine analyzer has been designed and manufactured by our skilled professionals and premium quality component. The Automated Urine Analyzer is highly appreciated for its sophisticated design, light weight, longer functional life and optimum efficiency. Our precious clients can avail these products in the market leading costs as per their specific requirements.-

  • Test items: Urobilinogen, bilirubin, ketone, blood, protein, nitrite, leukocytes, glucose, specific gravity, pH and VC

  • Test wavelength: 525nm, 572nm, 610nm, 660nm

  • Test principle: Reflectance Photometer

  • Suitable strips: Analytical Au8, AU10 and AU11 urinalysis strips

  • Test throughout: 120 strips/h or 60 strips/h optional

  • Data memory: 1000 patient results

  • Computer interface: RS-232 port; parallel printer port

  • Display: 240x64 dot-matrix LCD

  • Language: Chinese and English

  • Power supply: 100~240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz

  • Power: 40VA

  • Dimensions: 376mm x 316mm x 170mm

  • Weight: 3.6kg

  • Printer: Built-in thermal printer


Autoclave - We have gained wide acknowledgment in manufacturing wide range of autoclaves which cater to different requirements of various industries. This is a device that is used to sterilize and helps in pre - disposal treatments. Clients can avail this product in different specifications and features as per their requirements. Some of the features are:-

  • Fabricated using high end technology

  • Finds wide application in different sectors

  • Optimum performance

  • Accurate operations


Blood Cell Counter - Our range of blood cell counter has gained high acclamation in the field of medical sectors. This item is appreciated for its advanced and modern features along with high end specifications. Some of the salient features of this blood cell counters are:-

  • Safe usage

  • Easy to operate

  • Wide usage in medical industry

  • Maintains optimum temperature

  • Long lasting performance


Hot Air Oven - We are a reputed distributor of the most sophisticated range of Hot Air Oven. This is a device that is operated electrically for the process of sterilization. This is a special kind of tester which is fabricated as per the set industry standards. Our experts have checked this product on various quality parameters before they are delivered. Some of the features are:-

  • Excellent performance

  • Longer service life

  • Low maintenance

  • Robust construction

  • Easy maintenance


Incubator - We are an eminent dealer in the city and is designing the most hygienic range of incubator. These incubators are designed with the most advanced technology and find wide usage in different biological and medical field. The product is used largely for the preservation of babies in the safest manner. Some of the special features are:-

  • Safe in use

  • Hygienically designed

  • Robust construction

  • Built using tough raw materials


Laminar Air Flow System - We are one of the reputed manufacturers of a comprehensive range of Laminar Air Flow System. The Laminar Air Flow System is designed to protect sensitive items from external contamination. The air flow can be directed in both vertical and horizontal directions. Some of the special features of this Laminar Air Flow Systems are:-

  • Ease in operations

  • Accurate performance

  • Robust construction

  • Widely used in different industries