Medical Equipments are one of the major contribution given for the betterment of the human society. We at New Scientific mart offer medical equipments that are very helpful and useful in the process of medical consultation, check up and treatment. Our products are specially designed to cater to special needs and tests that can help in the curing of major diseases for people. Our list of medical equipments include:


Pulmo-Mist II Nebuliser- We offer extremely reliable quality Pulmo Mist II nebuliser that is a perfect sure for asthma patients. Children find this machine to be very effective in reducing the effects of asthma. This instrument is known for its robust performance, user friendly operation and longer life.


The Key Features Include:

  • It weighs only 1.4 Kgs - among the lightest in the industry
  • Delivers medications quickly and effectively with a Free Flow rate of 10 lpm delivered by a powerful, reliable Piston Driven Compressor
  • Styled better - compact design, rounded corners, integrated carrying handle, built-in nebuliser holder
  • Built-in Safety - patient is protected by a built-in Compressor Relief valve which allows maximum 30 PSI delivery
  • Durable - ABS injection moulded cabinet, damage-proof recessed air outlet, no breakable lids
  • Feel-safe Performance - fully reliable patented motor design by the leader compressor manufacturer in the respiratory industry. Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • User-Friendly - easy to remove re-usable filter; fits any luggage or backpack; blends into any environment; single-button operation
  • Economical - provides big savings in terms of power consumption and price



15.2cm x 10.1 cm x 17.8cm


1.4 kgs

Compressor Pressure

30 PSI (Relief Valve Setting)

Free Air Flow

10 lpm

Compressor type


Electrical Requirements

230V, 50Hz - 0.7amps

Power Consumption

50-60 watts


1 Year

Single Parameter Monitors - We are a well known supplier of single parameter monitor. We offer our customers a wide array of medical equipments, among which single parameter monitors are one of the best. These monitors comes with inbuilt rechargeable battery for emergency needs.-


  • 14.4 cm (5.7") STN Blue LCD with backlit display
  • Non fade solid traces of graphical ECG waveforms on the LCD screen
  • Real time ECG on the first channel and frozen / delayed ECG on the second channel
  • Auto ECG freeze on alarm condition
  • 1mV calibration pulse indicator
  • LED blinking for every detected QRS complex
  • Standard frequency response and high common mode rejection ratio
  • Built-in rechargeable battery

Technical Specifications



STN Blue LCD with CCFL back light

Display area

120mm x 90mm


320 x 240 pixels

Writing speed



Visual (Bell) and Audio (Buzzer beep)


On demand or automatic on alarm Frozen display on channel 2

Key board

Flat touch membrane operation keys

CNS back panel connector

9 Pin D-sub connector 0.5V/mV at 10mm/mV gain


235 x 166 x 140mm


2.5 kgs (Approx.)

Power Supply

AC - DC Adapter

15V DC/1.5A

AC mains

100 - 264 V AC

Line indicator

Green LED

Power consumption

< 22VA


Rechargeable NiMH 9.6V/1500mAh

Battery backup duration

150 minutes (min)

Battery low indicator


ECG display

4 seconds real time ECG on channel 1;


4 seconds delayed ECG on channel 2



User selectable I, II, III

Lead indicator

Yellow LEDs

Heart rate range

30 - 250 BPM

Heat rate accuracy

+2BPM or 2% whichever is higher

Low alarm limit range

30 to 240 BPM

High alarm limit range

40 to 250 BPM


0.5 Hz to 35 Hz

User gain settings for 10mm display

1mV, 0.66mV, 0.5mV & 2mV display


> 290dB @ 50Hz

Input impedance

> 2.5M ohms

Leakage current


Patient isolation

> 2000 V AC @ 50Hz for 1 minute

Reset recovery

Automatic return of waveform within 0.5 seconds after defibrillation or electrical overload

Defibrillator protected


Patient safety

Class 1 CF


Operating temperature

10o to 40o C

Relative humidity

10 to 90% non condensing

Standard Accessories

ECG Patient cable

1 no.

Disposable electrodes

30 nos.

AC - DC adapter (AD-004)

1 no.

Accessory bag

1 no.

User manual

1 no.

Screw Driver

1 no.

Optional Accessory

Wall mountable stand

1 no.

Ultrasound Diagnostic Device -This device comes with special functionality. It has an alpha numeric soft touch key panel that helps in the proper functioning of the machine. Under the guidance of competent professionals this device has the perfect usage.



  • Flicker free 10" SVGA display screen
  • Alpha numeric soft touch key panel
  • Multi-frequency probe
  • Image zoom facility
  • 6 segment inbuilt memory for storage & analysis
  • Dual direction 128 frame cine-loop
  • Automatic generation of OB/GYN/Urology/Cardiology reports
  • Facility for connection USB
  • Upgradeable software and biopsy acupuncture

Technical Specifications




Sonomagic D

Power Supply

230V AC/50 Hz or 110V AC/60 Hz

230V AC/50 Hz or 110V AC/60 Hz

Continuous Operating Time

> 8 hours

> 8 hours


80 Elements Electronic Convex Array

128 Elements Electronic Convex Array


Standard 2.5/3.5/5.0 Mhz

Standard 2.5/3.5/5.0 Mhz

Display Mode

B, B/B, B/M, M

4B, B, B/B, B/M, M

Grey Scale



Frame RAte

36 frames/second

60 frames/second

Digital ScanConverter

800 x 600

576 x 460 x 8 bit


X1, x1.2, x1.5, x2.0

11 levels partial Zoom

Body Marks

38 types indicating probe position

38 types indicating probe position

General Measurements

Volume (Ellipse Method)
Heart Rate
EF Slope
Interval In M Mode, HIP Joint, Stenosis

Volume (Ellipse Method)
Heart Rate
EF Slope
Interval In M Mode, HIP Joint, Stenosis

Software Measurements

GS, CRL, BPD, HC, AC, FL and EDD by LMP Uterus, Left/Right Ovary, Endometriumn Measurements of Left/Right Atrium, Left/Right Ventricle, Mitral & Pulmonary valve

GS, CRL, BPD, HC, AC, FL and EDD by LMP Uterus, Left/Right Ovary, Endometriumn Measurements of Left/Right Atrium, Left/Right Ventricle, Mitral & Pulmonary valve


Lateral (Horizontal) Depth <2mm
Axial (Vertical) Depth <1mm

Lateral (Horizontal) Depth <2mm
Axial (Vertical) Depth <1mm

Maximum Measurements Depth

250 mm

> 190 mm

Display Screen

10 inch SVGA

10 inch SVGA

Video Output




335(H) x 380(W) x 465(D) mm

365(H) x 292(W) x 380(D) mm


9 Kg approx

10 Kg approx

Operating Temperature

5 to 40 degree centigrade

5 to 40 degree centigrade

Operating Humidity

< 80%

< 80%

External Interface (Optional)

Videographic Printer
Biopsy acupuncture

Videographic Printer
Biopsy acupuncture

ISE Electrolyte And Blood Gas Analyzer - We offer our clients a wide range of ISE Electrolyte and Blood Gas Analyzer . This analyzer is designed and manufactured using high graded components for better performance. Our offered ISE Electrolyte and Blood Gas Analyzer is used in hospitals and nursing homes. They are reliable, easy to operate and requires low maintenance.



  • 240 X 128 dots LCD display
  • Soft Keypad
  • Sample Volume - Whole Blood, Serum, Plasma
  • 65 samples / hour Throughput
  • Built-in Thermal Printer

Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System - We also offer Digital Ultrasonic Imaging System that has different clinical functions to perform. It is designed in such a manner with optimum quality and technology to give accurate results. Our systems are available at affordable costs and they are extremely reliable and built for better performance.



  • Pre-settings
  • 10" non-interlaced SVGA
  • 4B mode for multi-aspect examination
  • 10-level acousting power output adjustment
  • Snapshot in real time
  • Backlight keyboard
  • Software upgradeable
  • Hundreds of Cineloop
  •  USB ports


Technical Specifications

  • Imaging Mode : B, B+B, B+M, M
  • Gray Scales: 256
  • Display: 10" non-interfaced SVGA
  • Probe Frequency: 2 ~ 10 MHz
  • Probe Connector: 2 standard
  • Beam-Forming: DBF, DRA, DFS, DRF, RDF
  • Scanning angle: From 30 to 120 degree (depending on probes)
  • Scanning depth (mm): From 40 to 250 (depending on probes)

Channel ECG Recorder With Measurements - Amongst our medical equipments we offer 3 channel ECG Recorder with measurements . Our machines are highly efficient and they are perfect for used in hospitals and nursing homes. The machine is used to measure the rate and regularity of the heart beats as well as the size of the chambers.



  • 3/6 channel Printing
  • 5 Patient memory
  • ECG display
  • A4 size printing
  • Memory stick download
  • Computer connectivity

Technical Specifications


Power Supply

110VAC to 260VAC 50-60 Hz

Power Consumption

42 Watt

Leakage current

<20, Amp

Time constant

<3.2 Sec


Digital AC/50Hz

Inbuilt battery type


Battery rating


Recharging time

8 hours max

Operation time

> 40 ECG's / 6 Hours in standby

Measurement Parameters


12 standard leads

Mode of Operation


Long lead print


ECG print style

3 + long lead / 6 leads

Display lead


Frequency response

0.05 to 125 Hz

Sweep Speed

12.5 / 25 / 50 mm/s


5 / 10 / 20 mm/mV


>90 dB

Input impedance

> 100 M ohms

Patient storage data

Latest 5 patients


HR, Axis, interval, Average & voltage Measurements

Display type

LCD (70.00mm x 40.00mm)

Display resolution

64 X 128 Pixels

Printer type

Thermal Array Rec. / Desk jet printer

Paper width

108 mm

PC interface


Memory stick interface


Physical characteristics




255 L x 180 W x 70H (mm)

Operating condition


25-25 oC


50 - 160 Kpa


Upto 90% non-condensing

Storage & Transport cond.


25-55 oC


50-160 Kpa


Upto 75% non-condensing

Instrument Cabinet - Our Instrument Cabinets are one of the superior grade products that we offer to our client. The product is designed and manufactured by our professionals using premium quality raw materials. Our products are highly acknowledged for its performance, smooth finish and less maintenance. We offer our product at cost effective prices.



  • Size: 60"H x 24"W x 16"D

  • Made from machine pressed CRC sheet.

  • Front Door with Glass.

  • Two side Glass. Five glass shelves.

  • Enamel/MRF Paints

Sterilizer - We offer a wide range of sterilizer and instrument sterilizer that have seamless construction that is made of graded stainless steel. All the component sin the sterilizer is interchangeable and they have controlled heating system. We also offer gas models for customer suitability. We offer the sterilizers in different varieties for various application.



  • Temperature rise, exhausting air, temperature control.

  • Digital Display

  • Touch key Switch

  • Automatic control of water

Bed Side Cardiac Monitor - We offer quality bedside cardiac machine that are known for their accuracy and reliability. The machines contains an ECG monitoring unit that displays the heart rate. It has automatic settings to sound alarm in case of obstructions or problems. The machines are designed according to special weather condition and they are quite easy to use.



  • Real time ECG on the first channel and frozen / delayed ECG Auto ECG freeze on alarm condition

  • 1mV calibration pulse indicator

  • Built-in rechargeable battery

ECG Machine - We offer a wide range of compact and portable ECG Machine that are suitable for medical use. This machine is preferred by doctors and health care specialists. The ECG machines have precise function, they are very simple to use and useful to provide diagnostic insight. Our ECG Machines assures accurate cardiac assessment. The results of this machine is accurate and precise.



  • 12 Leads ECG simultaneous acquisition, simultaneous display

  • Prompt record and printing of 12 Leads ECG waveform

  • Automatic measurement, automatic analysis